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The Bourgeoisie in the Imperialist World System.

Theses according to which the imperialist world system today is unipolar dominated by the USA are not tenable. The term "comprador bourgeoisie" is totally inappropriate to characterize the bourgeoisie in weaker countries of the imperialist world system. In these countries, too, monopoly capital rules and, in order to pursue its own profit strategies, it enters into links on a global scale based on unequal mutual dependence with other finance-capitalist monopolies.

Zur Auflösung der „Europäischen Kommunistischen Initiative“

Die Europäische Kommunistische Initiative ist seit dem 9. September 2023 Geschichte. Die Notwendigkeit einer verstärkten Koordination und gemeinsamen Organisierung der kommunistischen Bewegung in Europa und weltweit auf Grundlage des proletarischen Internationalismus und des Marxismus-Leninismus ist damit nicht entfallen.

The German Communist Party (DKP), Socialism and the PR China

On March 17 - 19, 2023, the 25th Party Congress of the German Communist Party (DKP) took place. Focus was placed on a motion which, when passed, ultimately meant that the party’s Central Committee (CC) pushed through a line of support for Chinese capitalism. We see four main problems in the resolution, which we will outline in this critique.

Erklärung des Zentralkomitees des Revolutionären Kommunistischen Jugendverbandes (Bolschewiki) RKSM(b)

Erklärung des Zentralkomitees des Revolutionären Kommunistischen Jugendverband (Bolschewiki) RKSM(b) zur Rebellion der PMC Wagner. Also in English and Russian / Русский.

Theses on the character of the communist party and on the self-understanding of the communist organization

In the following we publish the theses on the character of the communist party and on the self-understanding of the communist organization, which were adopted by the KO at its fourth congress in April 2022. They represent an intermediate state of the intensive work on the question of the Kommunistische Organisation, party building and the tasks arising from it, and are still a valid resolution. In the course of the secession of a wing, the KO has gained important experiences in the struggle against revisionism concerning the structures of the organization, which are not yet reflected in the previously adopted theses. We affirm that there is currently no revolutionary communist party in Germany and that the struggle against revisionist ideas on the party question, the question of imperialism and the question of strategy is central to being able to build one. This is the aim of the Kommunistische Organisation, which we will pursue in a planned way.

Against the attacks on Palestine organizing in Germany

We, the undersigned organizations, declare our rejection and outrage at the Berlin police’s ban on commemorations of Palestinian Prisoners’ Day on the weekend, 15 – 17 April. This ban is an attack not only on the Palestinian and Arab community in Berlin and supporters of Palestine, it is a threat targeting all of our freedom of expression. Beyond this, it is an attempt to silence support for the 4800 Palestinian prisoners themselves, struggling from beyond colonial bars for their freedom. 

On the political economy of contemporary imperialism

Contribution by Thanasis Spanidis - The correct analysis of imperialism is one that understands the imperialist world system as a hierarchical order of mutual but asymmetrical dependencies, as an imperialist pyramid.

Not our war!

The war in Ukraine is an imperialist war between Ukraine - backed by NATO - and the Russian Federation. This war is not our war, and the international working class cannot and must not take sides. Our main task as communists in Germany is to fight against the war policy of NATO and German imperialism and to expose their war propaganda.